The global market for smartwatches could reach $32.9 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 67.6 percent from 2014 to 2020, according to Allied Market Research. Even if Apple’s has launched the devices over 2 years ago, smart “things” are already everywhere.

Brands are picking up on this evolution even fashion power houses like LVMH brand Tag Heuer, Bulgari and Montblanc.

Louis Vuitton is the latest luxury brand to backup the launch of its first smartwatch: the Tambour Horizon. The Tambour is a luxurious piece of machinery, shaped like its name and works Google’s Android operating system.

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Being a brand of fashion accessory first, Louis Vuitton has put out this gadget in 3 customizable styles. All of them can be worn with 60 interchangeable strap options and a range of downloadable digital watch faces.

The Tambour Horizon will cost a staggering €2,208 only for the case and €266 only for the strap. This piece will be an entry level piece of course.

the digital watch of louis vuitton

Tambour Horizon Louis Vuitton

“We don’t know where the industry of connected objects is going, but we know it’s going to be massive,” Louis Vuitton chairman and chief executive Michael Burke told BoF. “You can either sit on the sidelines or observe, or you can dive in and be an actor.” Guess, they decided to take ownership of the tech boat.

Vuitton exec’s now that their customer will be mobile in the future. So the smartwatch has many apps and gadgets that put the legacy of travelling of the fashion brand to good use like for instance “My Flight” app.

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However, many will argue that this is going to be more about buzz than sales. “Some people will undoubtedly enter the store to look at the product,” predicted Ortelli. “The buzz around the product will create traffic both online and on the shopfloor, but it is unlikely to be a significant revenue generator.”



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