Prada launches FW 2017 campaign

“Prada exists on multiple plains, with multiple interpretations”

As you grow older, less and less things have the ability to take your breath away. One thing though doesn’t disappoint year after year:  Prada marketing campaigns. Always full of outraging combinations and rich imagery, the capacity of vivid story telling of the prada marketers peaked once again in the FW 2017 ad.



The press release falled on our laps and we just went insane with anticipation. “The cultural breadth of each collection, the intricacies inherent in each, requires deeper analysis,” it read. “365 reflects this diversity and thematic richness—it is fashion advertising as metaverse, each campaign presenting a microcosm of Prada.”

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The photography and director credits all go to Willy Vanderperre.  The purpose of this new FW 17 campaign is to show the diversity within Prada. Full of cinematic visions, their aim is to show the diversity and the full range that the brand is capable of. Always with a touch of magic.

See the full video here





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